Sid Vaga - Brazuca

Sid Vaga
Wonderwheel Recordings (US) WONDER-33
Sid Vaga has been making a name for himself for a number of years in New York and further afield, smashing up dancefloors; and now has stepped into the studio.  'Brazuca' showcases Sid Vaga's original Latin/Brazilian house signature sound filled with percussion, funky bass and straight-driving backbeats that make for a solid party starter. The B side goes a notch deeper and heavier as D'Sol from Paris remixes 'Brazuca' with additional electronics and moodier sounds. Together, these two tracks balance the 12" for both early and late-night dance-floors. It's another fine, exotic track to tempt us into the world of Nckodemus's Wonderwheel Recordings !

Published Wednesday Jan 18 '12