Mahala Rai Banda vs. Jstar

Mahala Rai Banda, Romania’s funkiest Gypsy brass band, blew minds with their 2009 album ”Ghetto Blasters”. Amongst the many hyper-fast tunes rocking on that disc there was one of sweet, laid-back grooves called ‘Balkan Reggae’.

‘Balkan Reggae’ found Mahala Rai Banda paying homage to their soul brothers in Jamaica. In the year that Jamaica is celebrating 50 Years of Independence, Mahala Rai Banda chose to reach out to their Jamaican brethren and invited London-based top dub remixer Jstar to give ‘Balkan Reggae’ a sonic turbo charge.

Long celebrated for his classic reggae hip-hop mashups, Jstar regularly tours the planet dropping good grooves on party people and pushing bass culture forward. Jstar, who knows a phat groove when he hears one, is a big Mahala Rai Banda fan. His dub remix of ‘Balkan Reggae’ keeps the tune’s lyrical, sunshine vibe while giving it an urban electro tweak and twist.

JSTAR about MAHALA RAI BANDA: “These guys got more bounce than a rubber ball!” 

Whilst this has been on my radar for a while, thought I should highlight it for you :)




Published Sunday Nov 11 '12