Hardway Bros. - Mania Theme

Hardway Bros.
Mania Theme
Is It Balearic.. ? (UK)
One of my favourite labels, 'Is It Balearic..?' start the year with a seriously sizzling package. This latest release features 2 tracks from Hardway Bros plus remixes from Toby Tobias and Andrew Weatherall/

'Mania Theme' is a mid tempo acid chugger built for big systems and discerning dancefloors. The Andrew Weatherall remix adds a live bass and synth arpeggios to produce a real trademark Weatherall killer whilst the Toby Tobias remix is a brooding acid chugger / sublime Balearic deep house groove reminiscent of the Italian house heyday with a touch of acid for good measure. The second track from Hardway Bros is a fine reconstruction of the Hardkiss track 'Pacific Coastal Highway'.

This release is essential and packed with rays of sunshine !!!  

Published Thursday Jan 19 '12