Frederick - Episodes of Love

Episodes of Love
Miseriedits (UK)

'Episode of Love' in its original version is an exquisite slice of slo-mo disco-trance whose tempo belies its laser-guided effectiveness on the dance floor. 'Hot Lunch' takes it to the low countries circa ’87 raising the speed and the insistence just a smidge but keeping phasers set to stun.

On the flip Sean Johnston aka Hardway Bros turns in yet another superb remix - in 1989 they’d have called it hypno-house. I'll call it 'Wiggle Brilliance' ☺

The mysterious ‘Frederick’ is a rapidly-rising star, already recording for the likes of Restless Soul, Soul Free, Fifty Fathoms Deep and Local Talk and ‘Episode of Love’ is a sneaky preview of just what to expect from his debut album coming in 2014.

Miseriedits is a blink-and-you’ve-probably-already-missed-it spin-off from that other occasional label you love but have grown used to not turning up to dinner very often.

This release is very limited in numbers, super collectable & HOT !!!
Enjoy ☺ ☮ ♥ ♬ x

Published Thursday Oct 17 '13