K.Sabroso - Taste Test EP

Taste Test EP
Spring Strut Recordings
Our friends at Fort Knox Recordings alerted me to this release. Spring Strut present K. Sabroso from Indianapolis. His debut release proves he's got the makings of a superstar, delivering a powerful latin sound perfect for clubs as well as listening pleasure.

'Cruz Control' is a hard driving housey latin groove. 'DJ Farrapo' and 'Daytoner' twist 'Cruz Control' into unique grooves while maintaining the energetic vibe. 'Toque de Limon' stomps out a twitchy breakbeat under an infectious montuno and catchy horns. 'Al Pack' twists 'Toque' into a smooth intelligent drum'n'bass track with dubby grooves and a rolling jump up rhythm.

Having played this out, all the remixes rock depending on the situation. But regardless if you dig a Latin groove, then this is for you !

Published Wednesday May 23 '12