Jokers Of The Scene - JOT5-Remixes

Jokers Of The Scene
Fold's Gold (US)
This EP has been on repeat on and off for a few days !!! That's a big deal in my world constantly sifting through loads of music to find the gems to play and talk about :)

Jokers Of The Scene's peers and contemporaries launch dance satellites of their own into the Jokers’ enjoyably unique orbit. Daniel Avery (aka Stopmakingme), follows up a spectacular year, with an almost picture perfect illustration complete with oscillating synths, complex melodic layers and this entire blissful house experience lasts for an entire 10 minutes. Also joining Daniel come, as good in their own special way, mixes from Shadow Dancer, Hrdvsion [a fav], Savile & Olin, Cosmic Kids, Gingy & Bordello and Babe Rainbow [sunset material] – once again each take turns driving the Jokers’ new material in new and unexpected directions.

To my ears and no doubt yours' soonish, when this drops, Toronto duo 'Jokers Of The Scene' have once more proven themselves masters of electronic music in all it's forms and with the help of the remixers hit otherworldly heights too !

Published Sunday Jan 29 '12