Chloé - Smash EP

Smash EP
Throne Of Blood (US) TOB037

For its 37th release, Throne of Blood reaffirms its love for all things French, with a new EP by one of the country's finest ambassadors: Chloé. The Kill the DJ co-founder found time in her relentless DJ schedule to deliver two originals to form the backbone of the aptly named "Smash" EP. Two cracking remixes round out the release.

On both originals 'Smash' and 'Time Right', Chloé showcases her trademark sound; hypnotic grooves and simple yet furiously efficient basslines serve as the driving force behind cut up, breathy vocals and tense, reverb-drenched melodies.

The EP turns into an international affair with two remixes by Belfast's Phil Kieran and Toronto's My Favorite Robot. With his 'Smash' remix, Kieran retains the hypnotic groove of the original, adding dissonant synths that culminate into a break worthy of the tweakiest after hours, while MFR take 'Time Right' into a territory of their own, blending house grooves and spooky synths to perfectly round this smashing EP.

This release from the New York based label is gritty, in your face and sexy as hell ☺ ☮ ♥ ♬ x

Published Thursday Nov 14 '13