Second Sky & Thomas Blondet - Remixes

Second Sky & Thomas Blondet
Rhythm and Culture Music (US) RNC023

The idea of collaborating on remixes came a few years back when Thomas Blondet, resident DJ at the Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington, DC called upon the talents of a new trio he himself had recently discovered. Already in demand as a producer, Blondet was working on a remix for friend Nickodemus. However, with a very short-deadline to get it done, he realized he could use some help. Second Sky was invited into the project to help get it done in time. That didn’t happen. Nickodemus’ Sun People Remixed was released sans Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix. A missed opportunity however, would soon turn to triumph when the now completed remix of 2 Sips and Magic reached the ears of Nickodemus and ESL Music; I for one loved it too and played it in most sets !!!

Before long, their remixing skills were in high demand; creating dynamic remixes for artists like Balkan Beat Box, to ESL Music artists like Thunderball, Ancient Astronauts and Afrolicious, Thievery Corporation,  Fort Knox Recordings' Empresarios and Fort Knox Five.

As you've probably gathered I'm a BIG fan !!! While some of the remixes here have been previously released, several have not, including their soulful rework of 'Stargazer' by Thievery Corporation. Listen for yourselves and then purchase a copy for your 'Globetronica' fuelled collections  ☮ ♥ ♬ x

Published Wednesday May 1 '13