The Original Sound of Cumbia

The Original Sound of Cumbia
The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948 - 79
Soundway Records (UK) SNDWCD032
Soundway set sail for Colombia once again, delving deeper into the South American country’s rich musical past. 55 tracks spread over two CDs The Original Sound of Cumbia is Soundway’s definitive guide to the origins of Colombian cumbia and porro and the result of five years pain staking research by Will ‘Quantic’ Holland.

After becoming slowly submerged in Colombian musical culture, learning the accordion, setting up a band and a studio, and scouring the country in search it's recorded legacy, Will 'Quantic' Holland has compiled the fruits of his labour into this unique compilation that tells the story of Cumbia in the years of the phonograph record's supremacy. Along with good friend and head of Soundway Records, Miles Cletet, Will Holland has condensed hundreds of 78s, 45s and LPs into just over two and a half hours of the finest Colombian Cumbia.

That said, Will’s knowledge of Colombian music and collection of records from the country has become second to none. With 55 tracks Soundway, is happy to present the cream of his findings here, the majority of which appear for the first time outside of Colombia.

Those with discerning and faraway taste buds shouldn't be without this lovely packaged release !!!

Published Wednesday Jan 25 '12