Moombahton Anthem produced in a Panamanian Jail Cell

Professor Angel Sound
Post World Industries
Post World Industries presents 'GO', a dance-rave-moombahton anthem produced in a Panamanian jail cell and remixed by a dozen of the finest global bass producers. Angel Francisco López, aka Professor Angel Dust, was a leading figure in the electronic music scene of Barcelona, deejaying and throwing parties until 2008. Returning from a dj gig in Panama, López was forced to act as a drug mule. He was busted at Tocumen airport and is currently serving a long sentence in a Panamanian prison.

Unstoppable, the Professor built an improvised music studio in his jail cell to produce GO, fusing old school dance tricks to a reggaeton dem bow riddim. The result is a moombahton banger !!!

GO is remixed by a dozen of the globe’s most potent bass music producers: from the epileptic dancefloor head of Munchi (NL), to the hard dub-wise refix of Max Powa (AT), with equally next-level contributions from Kosta Kostov (DE/BU), The 13th Tribe (UK/CL), Le Freak Selector (AR/ES), Caballo (CO/CA), Bigote (ES), Al Lindrum (DK/ES), Los Chicos Altos (DE/UK/ES), Lata
(CL), Reactable Global Sound (ES), Al Pacheco (MX) and ICS (CZ).

The whole package is compiled by a friend, Dj Mata Hari based in Barcelona. Ironically López is serving his sentence in a prison named 'El Renacer', which means the rebirth. This release marks the rebirth of the artist under his new alias of Professor Angel Sound. It is also the rebirth of our record label, Post World Industries', formerly run by Filastine, expanded now as a partnership with DJ Mata Hari. We are here to produce and distribute media against monoculture.

All the profits from this release go to equip the behind-bars music studio of Professor Angel Sound. If like me, you've had difficulty getting the 'moombahton' genre, check this release out and get to know  :)

Published Wednesday Feb 1 '12