Alpha Pup (US)
Join 'Virtual Boy' on an expedition across a vast emotional landscape. Armed only with bold stabs of sound and a heroic spirit, 'Virtual Boy' forges deeply to explore distant worlds, untaken paths and the dark recesses of the human mind.

Los Angeles duo Preston Walker and Henry Allen are 'Virtual Boy', and their first full-length album is a daring adventure, a grand romance that grips with multiple storylines, unusual facets and hidden corners. They play with the beat, manipulating instrumental sounds, lofty synths and a wistful vocoder with a high degree of musicality to create eleven potent tracks. Dauntless and immense, 'Virtual Boy' soars with the surreal sense of a lucid dream, following undulating basslines and melodies that wander at will towards unknown peaks.

From sparse to sweeping to brutally beautiful, 'Virtual Boy' is a diverse and masterful album whose echoes will haunt the listener long after the journey is complete.

To put it simply, in 'Globetronica Towers' this will be rinsed and will no doubt appear on many  '2012 end of  year lists '

Published Thursday Jan 26 '12