Sharaab - Asura

Nophi Recordings (US) phi039
Heralded as one of the pioneers of the Asian Massive movement, Sharaab, an Atlanta-based producer, remixer and sound designer, has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music for well over a decade.

With this release Sharaab seamlessly integrates vintage synthesizers and electronics, dark-edged industrial beats, lush ambient chords, and Eastern instrumentation to create a signature sound. He calls this innovative style ethnoclash because of the collision of world music with electronic sounds and production techniques.

Having listened to this album a few times, on every listen something new and  spectacular sonically grabs your attention. Apart from on the opening track where a vocoder is used (a pet hate), 'Asura' is definitely an album for discerning ears and for those who have a fetish for Indian Electronica.

Published Tuesday Feb 14 '12