Rhythm & Culture Music presents Thomas Blondet debut album - FUTUREWORLD

Thomas Blondet
Rhythm & Culture Music (US)

'FutureWorld', the debut album from acclaimed Washington DC DJ/producer, Thomas Blondet, will be released on March 4, 2014 on Rhythm & Culture Music.

'FutureWorld' is genre bending, multicultural, and forward thinking aural journey that defines the Rhythm & Culture sound. Furthermore, Blondet's project highlights his production sensibilities and widespread vision garnered by the multitude of influences living in the nation's capital. His impeccable ability to mesh melody with infectious rhythms makes this a dance release as well as an insurmountable task in itself.

FutureWorld blends together Jamaican toasters with Indian musical traditions, fusing harmoniously within a landscape of swirling synthesizer lines over a terrain of modern dance rhythms (Chan Ve). Gentle Spanish vocals float alongside cinematic Middle-Eastern melodies (Un Amor) evoking images of streaming water flowing from a fountain in an ornate Andalusian palace.

Comprised of 13 compositions, 'FutureWorld' carries the dialogue of a modern global community as it creates the future of a world together.

Or otherwise inna word, this debut album from Thomas Blondet on Rhythm & Culture Music, both of whom we have been championing for years is DOPE !!!

Whilst ordering yourselves a copy, enjoy the minimix of the album here and do the same with the very excellent 'World Odyssey Mix', Thomas has provided for our broadcasts as well, here : http://globetronica.org/broadcast/world-odyssey-mix/world-odyssey-mix-thomas-blondet-episode-5

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Published Monday Feb 24 '14