James Murray - Floods

James Murray
Slowcraft Records (UK)
James Murray is a London-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

His productions combine delicate sound design and manipulated acoustic recordings, and tend towards a low-tempo, reflective aesthetic. The critically acclaimed debut 'Where Edges Meet' was released on Ultimae Records in 2008 and forms the centre-piece of a small, considered catalogue released internationally over a seven year period.

In 2011 James founded Slowcraft Records, an independent record label dedicated to carefully presented, unhurried artworks of intensity, honesty and depth.  That said, it's on Slowcraft Records that the second solo album  'Floods', is released.

If you're into delicate ambient electronica that allows your mind to travel and fills you with joyful thoughts, then this is for you !!!


James Murray - Floods
Published Monday Feb 13 '12