Ganga - Wondrous Machine

Wondrous Machine
Wormland Music (Spa)

Ganga's new album 'Wondrous Machine' is the most vocally oriented album so far and features vocal performances from Nikolaj Grandjean, Annemarie Zimakoff, Helle Chirholm, The Khan Brothers and Ganga himself provides the vocals for three mellow slowburners that are sure to get the feet tapping in the hammocks and the loungeclubs.

As always there is a dubby and cinematic vibe flowing through the tracks. As well as the occasional ethnic touch on 'The Wind' and 'Go There' (both stunning with vocals and Tabla recorded in Goa India). There's Ganga's remix of the Spanish infused 'Titirimundi;' - a track by Josete Ordonez feat. Ana Salazar on vocals.

To underline the vocal theme even further, there is Ganga's collaboration with the two Danish vocalists Nikolaj Grandjean and Annemarie Zimakoff. Both well established solo artists on the Danish singer-song writer/pop scene. Nikolaj as the frontman for Luke and also frequent vocalist and co-writer on Kenneth Bager's albums.

Also to finish off the vocal travel there is a remix by 'Maya' of the track 'Sweet Morning' from the debut album back in 2004.

I have adored Ganga's musicality for years and I certainly love his song writing style too. This is an exceptional album oozing with flair and something to gain from every track !!! ☺ ☮ ♥ ♬ x

Published Monday Mar 10 '14