Dub Colossus - Addis To Omega

Dub Colossus
Addis To Omega
IRL (Independent Records Limited)

This creation, from multi-instrumentalist and composer Nick Page – aka Dubulah, is a collective of musicians from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the UK. Their latest release ‘Addis to Omega’ immerses the listener in a fusion of UK and Jamaican musical heritage with a sprinkling of multiple genres all wrapped up in one dubby package.

The man behind the album, Nick Page began his career working with original reggae pioneer Mykaell S Riley (Steel Pulse) and music master Winston Blissett (Massive Attack). In 1990 he formed, produced and wrote for London based music collective Transglobal Underground with Tom Whelan and Hammid Man-Tu. After which, he moved on to work with an array of international and platinum prize winning artists including Natacha Atlas, Jah Wobble and Voodoo Queens. In 2006, Nick travelled to Africa to explore traditional Azmari styles, 60s Ethiopian pop, Ethiojazz and 70s Jamaican Dub Reggae where he met female vocalists Tsedenia Gebremarkos and Sintayehu 'Mimi' Zenebe and formed African infused reggae group Dub Colossus.

Following the huge success of their first album ‘A Town Called Addis’  this 12-piece live band were invited to tour the globe playing festivals from Glastonbury to WOMAD (2009/2010). Their second album ‘Addis Through the Looking Glass’ secured the No. 1 spot on the European World Charts, while third album ‘Dub Me Tender’ won the Best Cross Cultural Collaboration Award at Songlines Music Awards in 2013.

London based record label IRL, founded by Dave Jaymes and Tom Haxell, is home to a unique roster of talent from the likes of Imed Alibi, Damien Dempsey, Morrissey & Marshall and Sinead O’Connor. With over 80 albums to its name, IRL have proved itself to be one of the most noteworthy, consistent and distinctive independent record labels of the past ten years. 

Dub Colossus http://www.dubcolossus.org/  to our mind is back to reclaim their title as one of the most exciting fusion bands of recent years and ‘Addis to Omega’ delivers Kingston-quality reggae riddims with a modern dub twist which we adore, hence  5/5 and the title track is a Future Classic ! ☺ ☮ ♥ ♬ x

Published Tuesday Aug 19 '14