Banco De Gaia - Apollo

Banco De Gaia
Disco gecko Recordings (UK) GKOCD012

For nearly two and a half decades, Banco de Gaia has been consistently redefining world electronic music, with his releases on Planet Dog and Six Degrees making countless rotations around the globe, rousing dancefloors and winning fans along the way. In the process, the Banco name has become iconic: a hallmark and staple of global-influenced, genre-blurring, high production values electronic music.

'Apollo' is Banco's first new studio album in 7 years and brings together heavy dub beats, powerful vocal arrays, and lilting melodies, drawing inspiration from both old and new schools of sonic artistry, and in doing so blending the subtle flavours of the act's historical sound with modern day techniques and ideas.

On listening and enjoying this musical excursion, if anything I'm so chuffed to have been treated to the voice of Zhenia Mahdi-Nau, but and regardless of that, 'Apollo' is up there with Toby Marks other great gems encapsulating ambient, dub, tribal, gypsy, techno, trance and breakbeat ☮ ♥ ♬

Published Tuesday Apr 23 '13