All Good Funk Alliance - Jack Of All Trades

All Good Funk Alliance
Jack Of All Trades
Fort Knox Recordings (US)
'All Good Funk Alliance' are no strangers to Fort Knox Recordings, they have been releasing music and remixing with them since the beginning. Frank Cueto and Rusty Belicek are the masterminds behind 'AGFA'. They have built a solid reputation and a signature sound, creating a definitive catalog of tracks that have rocked many dance floors worldwide.

'All Good Funk Alliance' is back with the release of their latest full length album, 'Jacks Of All Trades', out now on Fort Knox Recordings. After the 'Rhythm and FX EP' that shook up the scene in March, this album continues that vibe and lives up to its title as 'AGFA' serves it up with their rock solid production. The album spans the stylistic soundscape that has carved their niche in the Electro funk scene of today. Future Go Go, Nu Disco, Hip Hop, and Space Funk are just some of the terms used to describe the flavour of this album. 'All Good Funk Alliance' recruited a slew of top International vocalists and MCs, including Rubber Johnson, Think Thank, Bigstuff, Mustafa Akbar, Empresarios, and Piper Davis.

'AGFA' has once again proven why their tracks are played across the globe on dance floors of the highest calibre, including by me (ahem). With handfuls of gems on this album, your funk weapons have officially been re-loaded.

Favourites so far are, 'Motivate featuring Rubber Johnson' , ' Go-Go Bananas featuring Mustafa Akbar' and 'Speaker Sweat'  but no doubt more will grow on me !!!

Published Tuesday May 15 '12