The Punk-a-Wallahs return !!!


‘The Punk-a-Wallahs’ are back and here’s our latest remix !!!

The act is ‘No Stranger Here’ from Chennai/India, featuring Ursula Rucker, so there’s a gorgeous poetic nature about the original.

What we’ve done, is stripped it, added beats, bass & some studio trickery & headed straight to the dancefloor !!!

In true style it’s Eclectic, Electronic & Exotic.............but obviously in a ‘Punk-a-Wallahs’ stylee been brutal to the original !

Please share this and help us champion this comeback where Andrew T Mackay [1half of Bombay Dub Orchestra] joins me [Pathaan] from where ‘Switch’ left off, before moving to LA.

Published Monday May 14 '12