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Wonderwheel started 'A NEW YORK MINUTE' with a fiery afro-funk feel featuring MC's Sadat X (Brand Nubian), The Real Live Show, iLLspokinN & Rabbi Darkside.  
Then they went over to Beirut & hooked up with MC's Ed Abbas, iVoice, Malikah & Ramcees for 'A BEIRUT MINUTE'
Check : http://globetronica.org/magazine/feature/global-hip-hop-project-nickodem...

Flew over to Tokyo for 'A TOKYO MINUTE' featuring MC's  Shinpeita, Simon Jap, Pony & D.D.S the Suke.
Next recorded & mixed 'A DUBAI MINUTE' with MC's Toofless, Jibberish, Ed Hooligan & Eslam giving an inside take of the big city from it's locals.
Up next is, 'A SAN JUAN MINUTE' which features MC's E A Flow, Nebula, Velcro & Ikol Santiago. This song features the music of The Bronx River Parkway (Truth & Soul) with a Nickodemus Edit & Mix. It also features artist Jose Parla on the intro laying out the theme of not only "A San Juan Minute" but also of what seems to be a reoccurring theme city to city.

Listen to the entire Global Minute series thus far, here.....

Also grab the free DL of 'A SAN JUAN MINUTE'

http://wonderwheelrecordings.bandcamp.com/track/a-san-juan-minute-feat-m... ☺ ☮ ♥ ♬ x

Published Monday Jun 3 '13