Shakti at the 21st Return To The Source

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“It was an instant switch. It was off then it was on and there was no going back.” so says Nottingham-based Shakti <> , a psytrance DJ who found her life forever altered one night on a dance floor.

A healer and holistic therapist by trade Shakti was very much already involved in the art of deepening awareness, both for herself and others when suddenly she found herself inspired to do the same through music. Although she had never promoted a night before she decided to trust her instincts and put on a party herself, featuring no less that one of the biggest acts, rarely seen in the UK – Astral Projection.

With her intentions coming from such an authentic standpoint it’s no wonder that the party was a success; it will be celebrating its third Birthday this November. It’s also no surprise that other promoters, sensing this passionate and genuine love for the music, began to ask her to play too. Although drawn to Djing Shakti was at that time busy navigating a full time business. Nevertheless when the first request came in she took this as a sign. “I told him I was not yet playing but that I would take it upon myself to learn and be good enough in time for the gig.”

And of course that’s just what happened. Shakti’s first gig was in Nottingham almost exactly a year ago, the start of a journey from which she is unlikely to look back.Her name, taken from the Hindu Goddess Shakti who is said to represent the female divine force that restores balance, is an apt indicator of the DJ/promoter's guided and focused outlook.

“I have had a strong sense that the Shakti energy has wanted this journey to be a fast one,” she explains. “She wants to get herself out there and this is why things have happened so fast for me.”

Despite feeling strongly guided to do what she is doing Shakti is also not following any kind of game plan. Instead her motivation seems to come from inspiring others.“I want to use my feminine power in a constructive way, to create not only my dreams but also towards a bigger picture of an enlightened and awakened world," she explains. “I believe one of the reasons I am doing this through the music is because it has the potential to heal and wake up so many people at once.”

Catch Shakti this August playing alongside psytrance pioneers at the 21st Return To The Source  reunion and in also this September when she will be hosting an official Earthdance  event.

RTTS Prelude Party Mix

Words by Kary Stewart 

Published Sunday Jul 27 '14