RTTS 21st Anniversary Reunion Party

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There’s nothing quite like the memories made on a dance floor, and if you experienced the 1990s heyday of the London psytrance scene those memories are likely to be genetically imprinted within your cells. Cue recollections of intoxicating all night stomping in fluoro-decorated trance universes.

The 1990s was an interesting time for the genre. The hype was rife - Jon Snow presented a nine minute slot on pystrance on the Channel 4 News and an i-D magazine cover asked ‘Is psytrance the next acid house?’ And then, something magical happened. The hype went away but the scene, which was based fundamentally around community and connection, did not. While remaining out of the mainstream, the music and the community has continued to expand and, rather than just passing the generational baton, psytrance continues to welcome more and more psy-explorers, of all ages, right around the world, into its primordial arms.

It’s no wonder then that the announcement that legendary London psytrance club Return To The Source is to host a 21st Birthday reunion has been met with an outburst of both affectionate reminiscences and fervent anticipation.  Old flyers, classic tracks, 90s press clippings and photographs are right now doing the social-digital rounds, as are new tracks and mixes from the most well-known names and recent up and comers.

Then there’s the night itself to get excited about. Tsuyoshi Suzuki will fly in from Japan and bring with him a violinist – Jajyu while Mark Allen and John Phatasm will also return to their proverbial home behind the decks. Debuting will be Shakti from Trancendance who is making a name for herself already after only a year playing out.

The live performances will be a treat too; Man With No Name, Manmademan and the inimitable Medicine Drum fronted by Chris Deckker, one of the Return To The Source founders now living in Australia.

The ambient room will feature a live PA from Kaya Project also known from yesteryear as the incredible Digitalis. And there’s more. From 1995 onwards Return To the Source released no less than 18 compilations including the revered and classic Ambient Meditations series. The series featured Dr Alex Paterson  from The Orb and Mixmaster Morris and both ambient kings are set to come back to entrance alongside Pathaan, Paul Thomas and A–Thousand Eyes, also Return To The Source DJ stalwarts from those times.  In fact the second room is so good it may be hard to choose between them.

All in all the scene is set to create very special and lasting new dance floor memories and perhaps also relive some old ones.

Electric Brixton, Town Hall Parade, London SW2 1RJ
Friday 1st Aug 2014, 10pm - 7am
Tickets  http://www.returntothesource.co.uk/

Words by Kary Stewart https://twitter.com/KaryIgnite 

RTTS 21st Anniversary Reunion Party
Published Sunday Jul 20 '14