Losers - Azan

Classic Not Forgotten

Eddy Temple-Morris is XFM’s legendary trailblazer, DJ, producer, remixer and dance floor provocateur of the highest order. He coined the phrase ‘Ibiza Rocks’, was their first resident and has been largely credited with seducing a generation of rockers to loosen their belts and think with their hips. He is one half of Losers.

Tom Bellamy is a keyboard, FX pedal and guitar legend whose chiselled cheekbones and wild techno-noise became an integral part of arguably the most progressive band of the 90’s, 'The Cooper Temple Clause'. Their legendary studio, 'Bleak House', became Tom's domain when Coopers split and this noughties British indie shrine in rural Berkshire was where Eddy and Tom as the 'Losers' created the album 'Beautiful Losers'.

It's from that album in 2010,  this epic track, 'Azan' appeared.

An opener for Globetronica Episode 2, and most definitely worthy of being labelled 'Classic Not Forgotten' !!!

It was used as the official Olympic BMX Championship tune at London 2012 and more recently in the Far Cry 3 game campaign.

Enjoy ☮ ♥ ♬

Published Friday Feb 17 '12