Bob Marley and The Wailers - Lively Up Yourself

Classic not Forgotten

There have been so many really atrocious (or, at best, really tedious) Bob Marley remix projects that it comes as a deep surprise to encounter one that truly hits the spot. Interestingly, this one succeeds because the remix artists featured -- an all-star cast featuring such notables as the Fort Knox Five, Cordovan, Bombay Dub Orchestra and DJ Spooky -- approach the source material with love and respect, rather than using it as a jumping-off point from which to showcase their own mad skills. Each of them puts a unique fingerprint on one of Marley's songs, but each also manages to keep the focus on the song itself rather than on the treatment.

This album is like a seminar in how to bring new life to already top-notch material. Highly recommended overall.

This remix comes from the awesome Bombay Dub Orchestra :)

Published Monday Feb 6 '12