Yoga Sonic - Episode 1


Inspired by the art of Yoga, it seemed a great idea to bring you Yoga Sonic monthly broadcasts. So whether you play this before practising a session, during or just to kick back glistening while listening, we hope you are able to enjoy, relax and be revitalised whilst being transported to your special place by Pathaan’s mix.

  1. Deva Premal – Aad Guray [Prabhu]
  2. Mirror System – Mirror Beach [A Wave]
  3. Shulman – The Unexpected Visitor (CBL Carbonator Rmx) [Aleph Zero Records]
  4. Son Kite – On Air (MIDIval PunditZ Remix) [Aleph Zero Records]
  5. Dhol Foundation – After Life [TDF Records]
  6. S-Tone Inc. - Limbe [Schema Records]
  7. Varano – Universal Rhythm [Murena Records]
  8. Suphala – Twin [Tommy Boy]
  9. Davide Ravasio – Human Skyline [Oreade Music]
  10. Nada – Bamboo Dub [Mar Y Tierra]
  11. MIDIval PunditZ – Saathi feat. Ustad Sultan Khan [Six Degrees Records]
  12. Bally Sagoo – Midnight Sail [Ishq Records]