World Odyssey Mix - Zeb aka Spy From Cairo/David Starfire/Ursula 1000 - Episode 6

 World Odyssey Mix - Episode 6

Enjoy this 1hr World Odyssey Mix Broadcast brought to you by Zeb aka Spy From Cairo, David Starfire and Ursula 1000 by way of 3 'timeless' 20minute mixes they produced for Pathaan's BBC radio show, 'Pathaan's Musical Rickshaw' from days gone by....


Zeb aka Spy From Cairo 12/05/07

Zeb/The Spy From Cairo - Monia [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Zeb/The Spy From Cairo - Mashallah [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Zeb/The Spy From Cairo - No Matter What They Say [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Zeb/The Spy From Cairo - Revolutionary Dreams [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Zeb/The Spy From Cairo - Disco Patell [Wonderwheel Recordings]

David Starfire 02/12/07

David Starfire - Shaddi [Six Degrees]
Busta Rhymes Vs Dead Can Dance - Busta Can Dance (David Starfire Mashup) [White]
David Starfire - Stargazer [Six Degrees]
Sheila Chandra Vs David Starfire - True Waffler (David Starfire Remix) [White]
Diverse - Wylin' Out (RJD2 Remix / Break Beat Buddha Remix) [White]
Shalini Rehil & David Starfire - Hauli [White]

Ursula 1000 28/04/07

Ursula 1000 - The Wizard [Exclusive Unreleased]
Ursula 1000 - Mirkin The Mistic [ESL Music]
D.M Project - Habibi [Man Recordings]
Gotan Project - MI Confession (EDU K Drop The Bass Remix) [Ya Basta]
Buraka Som Sistema Ft Petty - Yah [Enchufada Records]
The Beatles - Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows (Ursula 1000 Edit) [EMI]