World Odyssey Mix - Episode 11

World Odyssey Mix - Episode 11

Enjoy this 1hr World Odyssey Mix broadcast brought to you by Kenneth Bager, Mr Scruff and Rob Da Bank by way of 3 timeless
20 minute mixes they produced for Pathaan's BBC radio show, ‘Pathaan's Musical Rickshaw' from days gone by. 


Kenneth Bager

Tracklisting to follow

Mr Scruff 14/12/2008

Betty Adams  - Make It Real [Notes Of Gold]
Mighty Mo - The Next Message [Peace St.]
Jorge Ben - Umbabaruma [Luaka Bop]
Aronas - Aronas [Solid Air]
Five Corners Quintet - Hot Rod [Ricky Tick]

Rob Da Bank 14/03/2010

Himalaya Dawn - Intro
Opiuo - Freaky Bean
Gang Starr - Step In The Arena
Pariah - Orpheus
Ivor Cutler - Bus Stop
Left field - Release The Pressure
The Orb Towers of Dub
Primary 1 - The Blues
Kraftwerk - Interlude
Sclachthofbronx - Red Bull and Guinness
Sound of bird mimicry - Blackbird
2 Bears - Be Strong