Globetronica Broadcast - Episode 3

Pathaan presents Episode 3 of Globetronica, the flagship 2 hour broadcast to accompany our Digital Music Magazine taking you on a musical journey around the globe sharing some mesmerising eclectic, exotic & electronic sounds showcasing a kaleidoscope of musical colours.

  1. Vishal Vaid – Bittersweet [YogiTunes]
  2. Da Cruz – Boom Boom Boom [Thomas Blondet & Jimi Wes (Moombahton Remix) [Six Degrees Records]
  3. Empresarios – Bailando (Bobby C Sound TV Remix) [Fort Knox Recordings]                 
  4. Hint - Crash And Burn feat. Natalie Storm (The Bamboos Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
  5. Dr cat & Dj Pony Feat. !Deladap – Ali Baba (Dj Castello vs Crystaljuice rmx) [Green Queen Music]
  6. Radioactive Man - Knows Up Mr Brown [WANG]
  7. Oxia – Harmonie [Infine Music]
  8. Naibu – Keep It Simple [Horizons Music]
  9. Filastine - Colony Collapse (Beats Antique remix) [Post World Ind]
  10. Adana Twins - Strange [Exploited]
  11. The Time And Space Machine - Out Of My Head [Tirk]
  12. Los Chicos Altos - Se Va Mamba (Azaxx Remix) [Urban World]
  13. Soumik Datta – Orion [Baithak Records]
  14. Munty - Sahara Sun [Munty Recordings]
  15. Rachid taha with Femi Kuti - Ala Jalkoum [Ark 21Records]                 
  16. Eva Pacifico - Caliente  (Ganga Remix) [Ibizarre Records]
  17. Bubble Club - In Consequence of a Wish [International Feel]
  18. No Stranger Here - Searching For You [Earthsync]
  19. Diplo & Oliver Twizt  - GO (Swarms Remix) [Mad Decent]        
  20. TinyType - Shadows of Jade Dragons [Audiocalligraphy]                 
  21. Burial – Kindred [Hyperdub]
  22. Chin Chillaz - L.T.D. [Baby Steps Music]
  23. No Rainbows - No Road To The Country (Triplet Version) [Lonely City Records]
  24. Coyote – Love [is it Balearic ?]